Global sales

Global Timber trades a wide range of hardwood between six continents, and enjoys fruitful sales relations in more than 30 countries. Today Global Sales accounts for 70% of Global Timber´s turnover.

Our customers are, among others:

wholesalers, woodworking industries, independent sales agents and the building and construction industries

Our extensive and strong base of close sales partners builds on a year-long tradition of hard work to inspire trust and confidence in everything we do.

A wide selection of wood species allow us to always be able to accommodate the individual needs of our customers, and ultimately, to meet the market´s growing demand for unique solutions. And we make sure to always offer the best quality at a competitive price.


Specific services we offer 
Monitoring of supply directly at the source to ensure consistent quality
Guarantee of shipments to be the correct quality
Flexible payment options on demand
Smooth timber imports with clear contracts and correct documentation.
Reliable Shipment
Continuity of supply
Country adaptable to meet ethical and cultural challenges


Far East Sales Activities

We have recently established our first independent sales office in Kuala Lumpur to facilitate and consolidate our Asian sales activities.

Please click Far East Activites to have more information.