Global Timber is a trustworthy, competent and fair trading partner to our extensive global sourcing network.

We have the size; the scale and a responsible way of doing business that have earned us a reputation as a highly attractive business partner for our group of suppliers.


Financially risk free service

Based on our financial strength, and substantial technical and market knowledge, we offer our suppliers a risk free service with the following benefits:

Rapid and professional resolution of customer problems which Global Timber will assume full responsibility for
Marketing support based on substantial market knowledge
Technical knowhow to optimize customer satisfaction
Continuity of business based on a continuously expanding customer base
Guaranteed and fast payment


Responsible Sourcing

A major part of our sourcing activities are conducted in so-called risk countries. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that we do not directly or indirectly benefit from, contribute to, endorse, or in any way facilitate violations of human or labour rights.

As a global company, we do business in countries with diverse business and cultural practices, as well as legal frameworks, regarding the respect and uphold of labour and human rights.

The European Union (EU) requires companies to implement a due dilligence system to reduce the risk of sourcing illegal timber. We ensure that all our products meet the EUTR requirements.

We will gladly help you with further advice and guidance on dealer requirements.

Please click here for more information about environmental responsibility and legality certification programs.


Our supply regions

We purchase wood from the largest supply regions in the world and coorporate closely with our solid and extensive network. In several of these regions, we have a strong presence through special trained local people within the industry.