We have one of the widest ranges of hardwoods from sawmills all over the world on stock in Europe. And from our main warehouse in Jutland, Denmark, and other locations in Denmark and Europe, we can provide efficient delivery to the European market.

Likewise, our excellent logistic system is working across all continents, which enables us to ensure fast delivery, also overseas.

We have an extensive network and enjoy a fruitful coorporation with expert partners in drying, sawmills and manufacturing across the world. We have carefully selected each one of them in the first place. Moreover, we pay them frequent visits and perform thourough inspections on a continuous basis. This is to ensure that they never cease to deliver products of the highest standards that meet the increasing requirements of our clients.


Main warehouse in Hovedgaard, Jutland/Denmark

From our main warehouse in Hovedgaard, we serve the home market and wood working industries in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

This warehouse builds on a yearlong tradition and expertise in all steps of wood handling. Here we have all the facilities and the necessary technology required to store the wood correctly, control the quality and to make sure that we always offer clean and properly dried products directly to your doorstep.

Products include:

sawn timber, sawn logs, decking, cladding and various other semi-finished products for the building and the construction industries

Check our stock list to see what we have in stock for you.