Global Timber is proud to be among the world’s leading traders of teak. Our teak is primarily sourced in Myanmar where we have established close and trustful relations with our suppliers over the past many years.

We have expertly build an unparalleled knowledge of our supplier base in Myanmar and an invaluable knowledge of the country´s legal framework. This allows us to conduct safe and sound business there with a range of trustworthy partners.

We visit the productions frequently to guarantee our customers the outstanding quality they expect when they purchase teak for the market of luxury applications, including furniture, shipbuilding and decorative building components such as cladding and terrace decks in particular.

Being an all-time luxurious alternative sourced in a difficult country, teak requires our undivided attention throughout the whole supply chain from forest to end-project.

The range of products include:

Sawn timber

Custom-cut logs



Mega yacht decking

Mini decking

Semi-finished products

Outdoor decking

Indoor flooring