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Global Timber’s unique delivery capability and service means deliveries on time in the agreed quality. With our efficient delivery, our customers are guaranteed delivery within 3-5 days throughout Denmark, and we also guarantee short-term delivery to the entire European market.


The main warehouse in Aarhus contains more than 40 different types of wood from 35 countries and 6 continents. The range expands and is updated continuously in line with our customers’ wishes, so you can quickly get the desired items. As the promise of delivery from Northern Europe’s largest hardwood warehouse is one of our strengths, we at Global Timber have chosen to take transport a step further. Therefore, we have specially designed all four Global Timber trailers, so now you can see that the truck contains a delivery of quality wood as it drives around the country.


When you know us, you know that you can expect a certain quality of both service and products. Therefore, our customers also know that when they see a Global Timber truck rolling in through the gate, they can have peace of mind with this delivery. This is what we want to symbolize with our trucks; the customer’s safety and security for quality goods. ” – Søren Vinther, Sales Director Scandinavia.


So keep an eye out for the trucks the next time you’re on the road. Maybe you can spot a truck from Global Timber.


Read more about our warehouse and delivery security here.