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in north america

The North American market is characterized by large distances between suppliers, high-quality products, and great relations with suppliers. Together, our sales team has more than 60 years of experience navigating this conservative market. They have built trusting relationships here, ranging from tempered forest states in the North to Tropical ones in the South. These relationships are key in ensuring quality and competitive pricing for our customers.

North America has its own grading system (NHLA), which is separate from that of Europe. We know this well and are fluent translators of its 5 categories to our own standards. In this part of the world, the growth outweighs the amount of timber cut, which presents the buyer with a lot of options when it comes to wood species.

Despite the ocean between us, the transportation time from North America is relatively short compared to other parts of the world. Once products are ordered, the typical expedition will be 2-3 months.

Most popular species of wood from North America