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south america

South America is home to the largest rainforest in the world, the Amazon. It stretches across almost 7.000.000 square meters and 8 countries, and makes up almost 40% of the vast continent.
The biodiversity of the Amazon means one of the broadest varieties in species, hundreds of which are completely new to the rest of the world. Before introducing it to the market, we always test the durability and adaptability of a new species to the northern climates.

Our purchasing team has traversed the area for years, and understands the challenges and opportunities of South America. When traveling in the regions, you become familiar with the relaxed atmosphere and friendliness of people. Though easygoing, they are reliable and great partners in trade.

Challenges in this area revolve around logistics, which are made difficult due to infrastructure and monsoons. These obstacles mean that we must be vigilant about predicting needs, and keep our warehouse full of South American products, to avoid 5-6 months wait-periods for customers.

Most popular species of wood from South America