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in Africa

When thinking about the African continent, one often imagines barren, deserted landscapes. Though this is the case in certain areas, Africa is also home to the world’s second-largest tropical rainforest; Congo Bassin. Here, you find some of the largest sawmills in Africa, and this is where the majority of our African wood originates.

Our team of purchasers visit Africa frequently to nurture the business relationships we have built with our suppliers over the last 50 years. Even when the team is not flying out, we make sure to keep regular contact year-round. This is necessary for relations and supply, as delivery time on African timber is 10 – 12 months, because of the complications of local infrastructure.

Despite the cultural differences, our Danish team and African suppliers work well together, and we are always looking for ways to deepen and broaden the cooperation. The Congo Bassin offers an almost endless supply of tropical wood with a vast variety of applications.

Most popular species of wood from Africa