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in europe

Our European continent is home to a variety of wood species. Forests are seemingly endless here due to strict political actions to preserve and replant lost forest-area. Some of these initiatives are making it harder to practice forestry in the area, though the demand for European wood remains high.

We, however, see possibilities in the limitations of this market. Limited access to popular species drives the discovery of new, different species and qualities. Sustainability in this market also means utilizing as much of the log as possible, to minimize waste.

The bond with our European suppliers is extraordinarily strong, as we are able to travel easily in Europe year-round. This allows our team to be constantly up to date on deliveries and the market.

There are different grading systems in place in Europe, but our expertise and knowledge, mean we are able to standardize qualities and bring our buyers exactly what they need – oftentimes, we visit a supplier with an already placed order.

Most popular species of wood from Europe