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At Global Timber, we are taking steps towards a higher level of transparency and understanding, when it comes to the environmental impact of our timber products.

One of our initiatives is calculating the total amount of CO2 stored in a sale. We call this factor Timber Carbon Capacity or TCC for short, and we include it on every sales order created.

Wood products exhibit an innate, scientifically recognized ability to sequester CO2, effectively preventing its release into the atmosphere during their usage. The Timber Carbon Capacity (TCC) is determined through the following formula:


The formula excludes emissions from production and transport. Sustainability is addressed through separate environmental certifications.
Calculations are completed assuming a moisture content of 12%.
The density used in calculations is sourced from trae.dkwood-database.comanyonewood.comlesserknowntimberspecies.com and tropicalbuildings.com.