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The cold autumn months have slowly slipped into brighter times, longer days, and warmer temperatures. With an increased consumer focus on sustainability and natural materials, the deck is no exception. Recent times have given way to contemplation and creativity. We have grown out of the living rooms and into the gardens and the projects follow us.

At Global Timber, we are experiencing increasing sales of decking boards and an increasing interest in certified products. Sales of vacation home skyrockets and the whole nation is getting ready for a summer in the Danish “gems”. The construction projects follow suit – both in newly acquired and existing vacations houses as well as at home.

We are proud to be able to contribute to an increased desire to build with a durable material that is both functionally and aesthetically pleasing.


Reasons to choose a hardwood decking

We can mention a whole forest of benefits of choosing your hardwood decking:

– A deck in hardwood is the sustainable choice because it stores CO2

– The lifespan of hardwood is up to five times longer than softer woods

– Due to the long lifespan of a hardwood deck, it is considered a good investment

– Wear-resistant from natures side

– If you choose a certified wooden terrace, you support the tropical forests in a sustainable direction

A terrace in hardwood, therefore, makes good environmental sense.


Future goals

As a market-leading company, we take responsibility and are ambitious on behalf of our future generations.

By committing ourselves to a more sustainable future and setting internal goals based on the environment, we strive to be an inspiring frontrunner who has respect for our natural resources and contributes to a healthier planet. As a sustainable step towards the future, in 2019 we introduced i.a. FSC® Guariuba, as well as Lignia®, a modified wood to replace teak.

In terms of more sustainable choices, we offer a wide range of certified products, alternatives, and lesser-known types of wood.


Contact our sales team to hear about the possibilities of building a sustainable terrace: salg@globaltimber.dk – +45 48 27 00 00