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Oak, White American

American white oak has a light to a light / medium core. The wood species is reminiscent of European summer oak regarding to color variation, width of oars and properties. The American white oak is not suitable to ammonia tretment. The specie is good for both hand and machining work. Not much fading. Please note, that American oak, especially in damp condition, can optain color when used with metal. Used for moldings, furniture, floors, fixtures and fittings.

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26 mm – 33 mm – 40 mm – 52 mm – 65 mm

Oak, White American

Botanical nameQuercus alba
OriginNorth- and Eastern America
Weight770 kg/m3
Modulus of elasticity12.15 GPa
Bending strength1470
Modulus of rupture102.3 MPa
Janka hardness690
Moisture content8-10 %


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