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Sycamore (European Maple)

The color of the European maple can change from white to a creamy off-white / ivory shade. The European Maple is slightly lighter than the American Maple. From white over the golden to bright, reddish-brown. The grain is generally straight but may be wavy. Has a fine, even texture.

It is fairly easy to work with both hand and machine tools, though Maple tends to burn when being machined with high-speed cutters. It Turns, glues, and finishes well, though blotches can occur when staining, and a pre-conditioner, gel stain, or toner may be necessary to get an even color.

Can be used for i. eg. furniture, floors, moldings, veneers, toys, tools, musical instruments, kitchen utensils, etc.

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27 mm – 40 mm – 52 mm

Sycamore (European Maple)

Botanical nameAcer pseudoplatanus
WeightAbout 650 kg/m3
Modulus of elasticity12.62 GPa
Bending strength1120
Modulus of rupture60.8 MPa
Janka hardness670
Moisture content8-10 %

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