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This African hardwood is soft and light, but has a good strength and is an incredibly shaping friendly specie. Abachi is light lemon yellow with a silky glow, the color can be darkened over years.

Abachi has a wide range of possible applications, among others moldings, sauna, furniture, joinery and carvings. Abachi does not taint, therefore it can be used for packaging in the food industry.

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26mm – 32mm – 40mm – 52mm – 65mm


Botanical nameTriplochiton scleroxylon
OriginWest Africa
WeightAbout 400 kg/m3
Modulus of elasticity5.59 GPa
Bending strength560
Modulus of rupture30.0 MPa
Janka hardness270
Moisture content8 – 12 %


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