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The splint is whitish to delicate yellow and useless. The core tree is lemon yellow, later ocher yellow with darker veins when exposed to light. Poor fracture strength, but resistant to static and mechanical impact. Especially used for building cutters, among other things, benches and facades.

Furthermore, Bilinga can be suitable for boat construction, canoes, floors, furniture and selected logs can be used for furniture. Veneer cutting is also possible.

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26mm – 32mm – 40mm – 52mm – 65mm


Botanical nameNauclea trillesii
OriginWest Africa
WeightAbout 750 kg/m3
Modulus of elasticity5.3 GPa
Bending strength973
Modulus of rupture95 MPa
Janka hardness806
Moisture content8 – 10 %


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