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The South American specie Garapa is also called Brazilian Ash. The tree has a golden to yellow / brown color which darkens with age. The color can change in different lighting. No knots and very little oscillation. The tree will patinate but glow and color can be preserved by oil treatment.

Download Garapa datablad

Download montagevejledning, vedligeholdelsesvejledning samt profiler


Facts Garapa

Botanical name: Apuleia Leiocarpa
Origin: South America
Durability: Class 2 (according to EN standards)
Dimensional stability: 2 (scale 1-5, whereas 1 is being the best)
Fibers: Straight grain and interlock grain is a natural part of the specie
Color: Yellow-brown (color difference cannot be avoided)
Color extraction: Rarely (eg. on walls)


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